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Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:40 am
Edited on: December 13, 2011 11:58 am
We're just a few days away from the official start of bowl season and I'm pretty fired up about that. This week's Tuesday Top 10: the match-ups I'm most intrigued by:

1- BCS National Championship Game, Jan. 9: LSU vs. Bama: I realize many of you don't want to see a rematch of a game that didn't have a single TD the first time out. To me, Les Miles is always Must-See TV and I'm very curious to see how Trent Richardson does against the LSU D the second-time around. Also, curious what the Honey Badger does on a stage this big. Pregame

2-Rose Bowl, Jan. 2: Oregon vs. Wisconsin: Chip Kelly's team will try and end its little two-game BCS bowl skip against a physical Badger team. The Ducks have had a hard time against top teams who have had plenty of time to prepare for their scheme. Wisconsin comes into the the game with the nation's No. 6 scoring defense. Pregame

3- Fiesta Bowl, Jan. 2: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford: So, you're looking for a BCS bowl where you'll see plenty of offense? This is your game. OSU is No. 2 in scoring nationally. Stanford is No. 5. I'm very curious to see how Andrew Luck handles the country's most opportunistic defense (42 turnovers forced this season.) Pregame

4-Outback Bowl, Jan 2. Michigan State vs. Georgia: The Spartans got embarrassed by Alabama last year in the bowl after a strong regular-season and come into this riding a four-game bowl losing streak under Mark Dantonio. Are they good enough to make a statement for the Big Ten this time around? Pregame

5-Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29: Baylor vs Washington: If RG3 is playing, I'm watching. . . . Oh, and if you're looking for defense, this really ain't it. Washington ranks 99th in scoring defense. Baylor is 109th. Pregame

6-Orange Bowl, Jan. 4: Clemson vs. WVU: A pair of cutting-edge offensive minds in Clemson's Chad Morris and WVU's Dana Holgorsen. Both have QBs primed to get a jump on some 2012 Heisman hype, especially since each is working with gifted receiving crews. Pregame

7-Sugar Bowl, Jan. 3: Va. Tech vs. Michigan: I know both of these programs looked brutal in January bowl games a year ago, but I'm curious because of the match-ups: Bud Foster's D against Denard Robinson sounds like fun. Same for Greg Mattison's improved Wolverines defense against David Wilson. Pregame

8-TicketCity Bowl, Jan. 2: Houston vs. Penn State: Kevin Sumlin is already at A&M leaving his righthand man Tony Levine to get the Cougars ready for a very tough Penn State D, by far the best defense Case Keenum has seen all year. The Nittany Lions are No. 5 in the country in scoring defense and No. 1 in the Big Ten in pass efficiency D. Pregame

9-Gator Bowl: Jan. 2: Florida vs. Ohio State: Hard to get excited about two 6-6 teams that have had such down years? Normally, that'd be the case, but given the Urban Meyer factor hanging over this game, you'd think there's a lot more pressure on Will Muschamp than on the OSU sidelines. Then again, how about the Buckeyes looking to impress their new boss? I'm in. Pregame

10-Champs Sports, Dec. 29: Notre Dame vs. Florida State: Two programs with rich histories who had duds of seasons amid a lot of lofty speculation. Winner can make the claim that they finished strong and were really "just a year away." Pregame


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Posted on: December 15, 2011 11:38 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Good spin Bama 75; concentrate on the only 3 games that mean anything - LSU, Arkansas, and Penn St.    The BEST argument all Bama fans can put up is the game they lost compared to the game OSU lost; but never-mind that weak A$$ schedule played this year - Which by the way is the exact argument the SEC has used against TCU and Boise and this year OSU to keep them out of consideration from the NC Game.

If OSU was named Notre Dame or OU or Texas or Florida or Michigan or USC (or fill in the blank for any other undeserving "Named" university) - they'd be in the NC Game and Bama would be on the outside looking in.     &n
bsp;No worries though - the "tide" is starting to change and this BS will come around and bite the SEC in the butt just like it did from too many Ohio St entries into the NC Game.    It's just beyond a joke now...

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 10:00 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

There are intriguing bowl games this year? did they do a recount?

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 8:09 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

1) OK State deserves to be in the NC because they won the Big 12 and Bama didn't win the SEC? Nebraska was in the NC in 2001 and didn't win the Big 12 or even the Northern Division. OU was in the 2003 NC and didn't win the Big 12. 2) OK State should be in NC for beating #8 K STate by 7? Alabama beat #6 Arkansas by 28. 3) OK State's best non-conference win was against unranked Tulsa. Alabama beat #22 pre-scandal Penn State in Happy Valley. 4) OK State beat OU. So did Texas Tech. 5) OK State beat Baylor. So did Texas A&M. 6) OK State had tougher schedule? No. Sagarin's Ten Top Strength of Schedules are heavily biased as #1-10 are all Big 12 teams 7) Bama has already played #1 LSU and lost by 3. Yes we did. And OK State lost to unranked and 28 point underdog Iowa State. Who is the Big 12. Bama has the best overall win, best non-conference win, the team's losses don't even compare, and the Big 12 is overrated.

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 4:51 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Winkwell i guess espn and cbs paid enough money to get ala lsu in the chump bowl who cares they need a playoff so bad then it will be a true champinship  game take the top two from each conferance play down to get the last two standing let them play for a TRUE CHAMPINSHIP but people would still conplain

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 4:43 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Yellwho gives a damm about lsu and ala 2 probaly just the south where all the hick's live put osu cowboy's in this bowl then the rest of the country would watch and then tell all those hick's they can chase their sister's around the house to get a smouch or something

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 2:47 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Well Bruce, perhaps you should visit Websters for the correct definition of intriguing  Your misuse of the word on several of your entrys might be considered intriguing...  So let's see....

Ohio St and FL... The word intriguing for this game should have been.  Ridiculous....  In fact, it should be against all that true sports stands for, in that a 6-6 record should not be constuded to be a winning record in any shape or form.  These are two Giants that remind me of the Giant in Jack in the Beanstalk... Duh !!

Notre Dame and FSU... Again, the wrong word....  BS, I am using this as a single word, is the correct entry.  Two programs with great historical value, but just will never be there again.... Deal with it schools, NEVER...  Golden Heads and Broken  Arrows..  But definitly not an intriguing game... Gheezzz, this one really suckteth...

VaTech and MU,  the only thing intriguing about this game will be if I turn it on, oh, I removed this channel from my TV just to make sure...

LSU and Bama,  Nothing intriguing about this game, just the same 2 Giants facing each other with boring clubs and lead feet.  Has there ever been a game with negative numbers....  -17 to -13  ????  Some day, the SEC will put the O back into football and maybe then the "B" word will be gone....   Be ready for "Bore II of the Century"...

Now the rest of the games do have some "Intriguing"  Merit...

OU and Wisconsin will be a really great and intriguing game, this one I will definitely watch.

OSU and Stanford, WOW... this will be the best game of the year!!  Maybe the best of the Century !!! Take that Tiges and Tide...

MSU and UGA, I find this game exceptionally intriguing, 2 really good programs with good coaches.  Hmmm, will the Big 10 finally step it up against the SEC...?

Baylor Washington,  I just want to see if RGIII can score over 100 points against WU.... Could happen, now that is intriguing...

Clemson WVU....  Intriguing only because I want to see what WVU can bring to the Big 12 table..

HOU  PSU...  This one can be spelled with capitals.. INTRIGUING.....  Can the Cougars bounce back and play with the big boys?  Can they score a ton of points on the Nits D???  Can PSU finally put points on the board???   INTRIGUING !!!!

But Bruce.... You left off the most Intriguing game of all.....  Kansas State Wildcats against the Arkansas Hogs.  This is going to be my second favoritest bowl game.  Bill Snyder you are the master of all time.  The Hogs have a very good offense, gee, that is something you don't see in the SEC, but then again, against the offenses of the Big 12 they would be number 7.  Can Snyder and Klein take the Wildcats into never never land?  Can the Hogs score any points against the Snyderman???  This is intriguing...

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 12:50 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Come on! Florida State vs. Notre Dame? That contest maybe was intriguing 20 years ago. I do agree about Penn State for the sole reason to see who Jerry Sandusky shows up with on the Nittany Lion sideline. You whiffed on the Hawaii Bowl, though. Telling the family that you bet the Xmas money on the contest gets you out of any family obligations. Also, any bowl game with a lame-duck coach is a must-see to see if the guy shows his face in the 2nd half when getting blown out.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 7:00 pm

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

4. MSU vs. Georgia - Finally a game that I get to root for one of my teams in as they are there because they deserve to be there:  Go Dawgs, whup Sparty as I hate them nearly as much as Florida.  I hope Sparty shows up this year so it's a game at least as it's not much fun watching your team stomp a mudhole in the other team like Bama did to Sparty last year.

Can't complain about this game, #2 Big 10 team against the #2 SEC team.  And you're right, I hope the Spartans show up this year.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 11:46 am

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

Virginia Tech has sold about half of their tickets to go to the Sugar Bowl, so I would disagree that they travel better than either Boise State or Kansas State. When Boise State played Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, I recall seeing a good deal of Boise State people in the crowd.....same when Kansas State played Ohio State (who travels very well) in the Fiesta Bowl in 04. I undertsand that's why bowl games select teams, but they failed when they believed VaTech would come to their game.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 11:04 am

Tuesday Top 10: Most intriguing bowl matchups

I love all you people who espouse that "I will not watch the game". I will agree with you that the Sugar, and the Orange bowl are not the best matchups we could have had. I believe that the Orange has ties to the ACC and Big East. The Sugar got out of their ties with the SEC because LSU and Bama are in the NCG. They picked their teams strictly on who travels best, spends the most money. Bad choice in my opinion. However, LSU and Bama have separated themselves from the rest of the pack and deserve to be in the title game. It's about 1 vs. 2, not who deserved a shot. So stop crying, place your order for hot wings and cold beer and tune in on January 9th. It will be a great game!

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