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CBS vs. FOX - On the Internet

Posted on: September 7, 2008 12:53 pm
My long-time fantasy football league, the Odds-N-Evens, has had a presence on Sportsline since it's second season in 2000.

We've paid the good folks at Sportsline (now known as our yearly fee and they've been good to us with exception of a couple of years ago when not everything was warm and fuzzy as how the sites were working.  They offered us compensation which we agreed was fair and accepted it happily.

However, there are a few of us in our bunch that don't like shelling the extra funds for internet service.

Truth be told, I think if CBS offered free internet service, nobody would ever complain.  But to be just as honest, we did get excited about the prospect of FOX offering a free and comperable service when it surfaced a couple of years ago, and we actually had wanted to make the switch.. I had even laid the groundwork for moving the league.

That's when we learned that free isn't always better.

For starters, at that time we couldn't customize our scoring the way we wanted to.  That wouldn't have been an issue had FOX allowed the commissioner to adjust the scoring at the end of the week, which they did not.

Then because of the partnership FOX has with MSN, people who were not MSN Hotmail users, MSN subscribers, or MSN Passport holders could not sign up to get into the FOX site.  Talking guys thru the process of getting them on there was like pulling teeth when it came to some of them.  (Not everyone is as internet savvy, apparantly.)

We didn't hesitate to reactivate our CBS site and we've been there ever since.

For S&G's I did monitor the few teams that did get set up for us on FOX, to check out things such as live scoring, player movement, and stats access.  Granted it was their first year, but nothing was as smooth as it could have been.

Now, being that a few years have passed, I can't say with any certainty that FOX hasn't improved their fantasy football site, although I am certain you will still need MSN access of some kind to join up with them.

What I do know is that CBS has our league's history going back seven years, and while I don't know if other internet sites hold league's histories, I know the fact that CBS does is appreciated by all of us.  Especially the one who has to deal with past and present stats.... uh, that would be me.

I set up a free team on FOX for this season, to see what, if anything has changed.

One thing that hasn't changed is my determination to keep our OEFL here on CBS.  Even if it bugs some people's wallets....  *grin
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