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WEC 48 Quick Picks

WEC 48 Quick Picks

#1 FW WEC Champion Jose Aldo (16-1) -300 VS #3 FW Contender Urijah Faber (23-3) +240

Winner: Jose Aldo

Outcome:  First Round KO


LW WEC Champion Benson Henderson (11-1) -105 VS LW Donald Cerrone (11-2) -125

Winner: Donald Cerrone

Outcome: Third Round Guillotine


#2 FW Mike Brown (23-5) -500 VS FW Manny Gamburyan (10-4) +325

Winner: Mike Brown

Outcome: Second Round TKO


FW Anthony Njokuani (12-2) -105 VS FW Shane Roller (7-2) -125

Winner: Anthony Njokuani

Outcome: First round KO


BW Scott Jorgensen (9-3)-325  VS BW Antonio Banuelos (17-5) +250

Winner: Scott Jorgensen

Outcome: Second Round Guillotine

BW Leonard Garcia (13-5-1) -105 VS BW Chan Sung Jung (10-1) -125

Winner: Leonard Garcia    

Outcome: First Round TKO

LW Alex Karalexis +375 (10-4) VS LWAnthony Pettis (8-1)-575

Winner: Anthony Pettis

Outcome: First Round Guillotine


BW Brad Pickett (18-4) -285 VS BW Demetrious Johnson (5-0) +225

Winner: Demetrious Johnson

Outcome: First round KO


FW Chad Mendes (6-0)-650 VS FW Anthony Morrison (15-8) +450

Winner: Chad Mendes

Outcome: Unanimous Decision

BW Takeya Mizugaki (12-4-2)-150 VS BW Rani Yahya (15-5) +120

Winner: Takeya Mizugaki  

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

FW Tyler Toner (9-1)+225 VS FW Brandon Visher (13-0) -285

Winner: Brandon Visher

Outcome: First Round TKO

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Strikeforce Nashville Predictions.

MW Strikeforce Champion Jake Shields (24-4-1) +325 VS #2 MW Contender Dan Henderson (25-7) -500

Winner: Dan Henderson

Outcome: 5 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: Hendo has every single advantage in this fight, and he will display this in a ridiculously one sided five round fight. Shields’ won’t be stopped in this fight because the truth is he is a good fighter. He will handle a beating get taken down at will, his frustration will cause him to stand and get abused on the feet, as we see 90 percent of his takedowns fail. Henderson and his constant pressure will wear him down one round at a time.


Hendo if any money is placed.


#4 LHW Strikeforce Champion Gegard Mousasi (28-2-1) -250 VS LHW Contender Muhammad Lawal (6-0) +190

Winner: Gegard Mousasi

Outcome: Second Round Triangle Submission

Why: Mousasi is in the same situation as Hendo in this fight. I do believe that Lawal will be more willing to engage in a stand up battle, but when he starts getting chopped down with monster leg kicks, and jabbed out hell shoot for some takedowns. He’ll do work before getting overzealous and caught in a stunning triangle late second round.


Mousasi if any money is placed.


# 7 LW Strikeforce Champion Gilbert Melendez (17-2) -160 VS #2 LW Dream Champion Shinya Aoki (23-4) +130

Winner: Gilbert Melendez

Outcome: 3rd Round TKO

Why: I’m going to regret picking the outcome and winner of this fight, because history shows don’t count Aoki out of any fight that’s why he is ranked what he is, and why he wins how he does.  My gut though is telling me to pick Melendez the all around more complete fighter. I see him dominating the stand up, stuffing the takedowns, and avoiding all submission attempts.  Hell do damage in the guard, enough to get the fight stopped.


Money on either fighter is ok


MW Jason Miller (22-7) -1400 VS MW Tim Stout (8-7) +700

Winner: Jason Miller

Outcome: First Round TKO

Why:  Look for some awesome muay thai  on the stand up. Followed by a takedown and mount, for some vicious mount damage.


No money on this fight.


WW Zach Underwood (4-0) VS WW Hunter Worsham (5-1)

Winner: Zach Underwood

Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision


HW Josh Schockman (6-2)  VS HW Cale Yarbrough (6-1)

Winner: Cale Yarbrough

Outcome: First Round KO


LW Dustin Ortiz (0-1) VS LW Justin Pennington (0-0)

Winner: Justin Pennington

Outcome: Second round Guillotine


BW Andrew Uhrich (4-0) VS BW Dustin West (2-2)

Winner: Andrew Ulrich

Outcome: First round KO


LHW Chris Hawk (3-3) VS LHW Ovince St. Preux (4-4)

Winner: Chris Hawk

Outcome: 3 Round Split


WW Tom Campbell (3-0) VS WW Cody Floyd (3-0)

Winner: Cliff Floyd             

Outcome: First round TKO


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Bellator 14 Quick Picks

Bellator 14 Quick Picks

WW Ben Askren (3-0) -500 VS WW Ryan Thomas(9-3) +325

Winner: Ben Askren

Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision


FW Wilson Reis (9-1) -340 VS FW Shad Lierley (5-2)+260

Winner: Wilson Reis

Outcome: First Round KO


LW James Krause (11-2) +185 VS LW Toby Imada (23-13) -225

Winner: Toby Imada

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision


LW Pat Curran (9-3) +160 VS LW Mike Ricci (5-0) -200

Winner: Pat Curran

Outcome: Three Round Split Decision


WW Jeff Curran (32-12-1)-650 VS WW Bryan Goldsby (15-6) +450

Winner: Jeff Curran

Outcome: Second Round Guillotine

Girls: Felice Herrrig (2-2) VS Jessica Rakoczy (0-1)

Winner: Felice Herrig        

Outcome: First round Submission

MW Louis Taylor (5-1) VS MW Ryan Sturdy (12-4-1)

Winner: Louis Taylor

Outcome: First Round KO

WW Daniel Straus (10-2) VS WW Jonatas Novaes (5-3)

Winner: Daniel Straus

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision


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UFC 112 Predictions

UFC 112 in Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates on April 10, 2010 displays the further expansion of UFC’s global takeover. This card has two great title fights; with the remainder of the main card posting some entertaining fights. The main card fight introduces an MMA superstar from overseas in Takanori Gomi. He will be taking on UFC veteran Kenny Florian. This is no walk in the park for either fighter and is easy the favorite for fight of the night. Roy Nelson Is also set to fight on this card, in another interesting matchup.


#1 MW Champion Anderson Silva (25-4) -875 VS #10 MW Contender Demian Maia (12-1) +575

Winner: Anderson Silva

Outcome: Second Round KO

Why: The UFC did their best to put the next best healthy fighter to fill in for Belfort and what they scrounged up was Maia. Maia is an amazing BJJ practitioner who if fighting any other MW in the world would be a threat too. Anderson is simply too good of a fighter to be put in any real harm during this fight. Look for him to pepper Maia for the entire fight, as Maia stalks him looking to land a heavy shot or in hope that he gets close enough to tie up for a takedown. Early in the second round hell stun Maia with a heavy shot and clean him up with a beautiful combo.


-875 enough said.


#1 LW Champion BJ Penn (15-5-1) -1100 VS #8 LW Contender Frankie Edgar (11-1) +600

Winner: BJ Penn

Outcome: Second Round Submission Rear Naked Choke

Why: Frankie Edgar is an amazing fighter who on paper is a good match up for Penn. He is relentless, smart, and has good boxing skills. The truth is we have seen what Penn has one to everyone including good boxers and wrestlers. This is no walk in the park for Penn, but late in the second round Edgar will get tired of the heavy lead jab, and shoot only to get his back taken for a beautiful rear naked choke.


Again -1100 can’t do much with that.


WW Matt Hughes (43-7) -360 VS WW Renzo Gracie (13-6-1) +280

Winner: Renzo Gracie

Outcome: Second Round KO

Why: Yes I’m predicting a KO by a Gracie. I don’t believe he will fall victim to the takedowns and ground and pound of Hughes. In all honesty I see him keeping this fight standing and with one of his looping hooks catching Hughes and putting him night night.


Gracis is a near 3 to 1 underdog  with plus 280 odds id lay a little dough on this fight.


LW Terry Etim (14-2) -165 VS LW Rafeal Dos Anjos (13-4) +135

Winner: Terry Etim

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: I wanted to pick a finish for Etim and I kind of believe that he can put him to sleep because he is a lot better than Dos Anjos, but the truth is he won’t his opponent is to tough and will actually make this a very tough fight for Etim. Expect Etim to be put into many tough situations, forcing himself to prove his evolution as a fighter or not.


Etim is a decent favorite safe bet in any context.


MW Mark Munoz (7-1) -185 VS MW Kendall Grove (11-6) +155

Winner: Mark Munoz

Outcome: First Round TKO

Why:  Munoz has taken his training south and from my understanding is soaking up all the info he can get like a sponge. Look for him to get inside on Grove and do work on him in the feet before he takes grove down and pounds him out later in the round for a nice referee stoppage.


Same bet as Etim above.


LHW Phil Davis (5-0) -625 VS LHW Alexander Gustafson (9-0) +425

Winner: Phil Davis

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why:  Alexander Gustafson is a tough guy like, Brian Stann, Davis’s opponent before he poses a threat with his relentless fighting style. With that said look for a replay of what Davis did to Stann, and even more so look for a head kick KO as Davis tries to end the fight in an exciting manner.


This is another scenario where the favorite is a heavy one , but all in all Davis is the safe bet here.


WW Paul Taylor (11-3) -270 VS WW John Gunderson (11-7) +210

Winner:  Paul Taylor

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: Paul Taylor is the tougher of the two fighters toughness and reach will win him this fight, look for him to keep it standing as he handles Gunderson for the near entirety.


This is another heavy favorite fight but Taylor is the front runner for the money. Safe bet in my books.


WW Rick Story (9-3) -155 VS WW Nick Osipczak (5-0) +125

Winner: Rick Story

Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: Osipczak is another tough Brit look for him to make this a close fight on the feet landing some very good shots. Story wont like that as he takes down his opponent at will, and pounds Osipczak for three rounds earning him the nod.


Story is the favorite a safe bet. So is his opponent in this close fight.


WW Brad Blackburn (15-10-1) -170 VS MW DeMarques Johnson (10-7) +140

Winner: Brad Blackburn

Outcome:  First Round KO

Why:  Brad Blackburn has all but reach and height advantage on his opponent. Look for him to get in tight and land a heavy right hand to put Johnson out in beautiful fashion.


I don’t like betting on any of these very lopsided fights, risk is not worth the payout.  Only throw this in as parlay being it’s a near certain win.


LW Matt Veach (11-1) -265 VS LW Paul Kelly (9-2) +205

Winner: Paul Kelly

Outcome:  Second Round TKO

Why: Veach on paper should win this fight with ease, and look for him to have his way in this match. Kelly will prove his toughness enduring a brutal first round, only to get thrown in the same situation in the second. Frustration and fury will assist him in getting back to his feet landing monster shots on a tired Veach putting him away late in the second.


Either fighter is a safe bet have at it guys.


HW Jon Madsen (4-0) -250 VS HW Mustapha Al-Turk (6-5)+190

Winner: Jon Madsen

Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: Al-Turk is garbage, Madsen to lay and pray a boring fight not even interesting in anyway.


I’d stay away from these fights period.
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Bellator 13 Quick Picks

Bellator 13 Quick Picks

LW Roger Huerta (20-3-1) -800 VS LW Chad Hinton (6-0) +500

Winner: Roger Huerta

Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision


LW Joe Duarte (5-1) +190 VS LW Carey Vanier (7-2)-250

Winner: Joe Duarte

Outcome: First Round TKO


FW Joe Warren (2-1) -625 VS FW John Eric Marriot (17-2) +450

Winner: Joe Warren

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision


FW Geori Karakhanyan (12-1-1) -250 VS FW Bao Quach (17-9-1) +190

Winner: Bao Quach

Outcome: First Round KO


WW John Kelly (4-0) VS WW Michael Byrnes Jr (1-2-1)

Winner: John Kelly

Outcome: First Round KO

FW Chris Manuel (6-3-2) VS FW Ralph Acosta (5-4)

Winner: Chris Manual        

Outcome: First round Submission

WW Vagner Rocha (3-0) VS WW Francisco Soares (3-1)

Winner: Francisco Soares

Outcome: 3 Round Split

MW Moyses Gabin (4-2) VS MW Jeff Savoy (0-1)

Winner: Moyses Gabin

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

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UFC Fight Night 21 Predictions

UFC Fight Night 21 in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 31, 2010 has shaped up to be a very explosive and deep card. This card is full of great fights; the main card is full of potential slug fest match ups. The main card fight introduces an MMA superstar from overseas in Takanori Gomi. He will be taking on UFC veteran Kenny Florian. This is no walk in the park for either fighter and is easy the favorite for fight of the night. Roy Nelson Is also set to fight on this card, in another interesting matchup.

 #10 LW Kenny Florian (12-4) -360 VS LW Takanori Gomi (31-5)(1NC) +275

Winner: Takanori Gomi
Outcome: First round TKO
Why: This is a long awaited arrival for the former Pride Lightweight Champion. It is also a tough invite into the stacked LW division with a welcome fight versus the ever progressing Florian. Gomi who most may would say had a decline near the end of his 08 campaign, is back after a 6 month lay-off to make his debut in the octagon. This is not his first time in the cage or in a large venue so none of that worries me, in all honesty Florian doesn’t worry me in this fight. Gomi has tons of experience and massive amounts of anger and talent; this should be a walk in the park fight for him. I’m not completely writing off Florian I give him his credit as a tough intelligent fighter who will give it his all until the end. I just don’t see Kenny having the athleticism or talent to contend in this fight. I see Florian trying to keep some distance with his kicks, but getting caught early as Gomi presses on forward countering a leg kick with a monster hook.

 Gomi is a ridiculous underdog in this main event of UFC Fight Night 21. At +275 he is a must bet in any scenario.

 HW Roy Nelson (14-4) -450 VS HW Stefan Struve(19-3) +300

Winner: Roy Nelson
Outcome: First Round Submission Kimura
Why: Struve is a fit for any fighter in HW division; he is just a freak with his height and reach advantage. Look for him to keep Nelson outside with straight kicks and jabs. He’ll pepper Nelson for awhile before his opponent manages to bob and weave his way into cage control and a takedown. Roy will land in side guard mount and waste no time to snatch himself a kimura for the win.

 I wouldn’t be scared to add it to a parlay or round robin.

 MW Jorge Rivera (17-7) +225 VS MW Nate Quarry (12-3) -285

Winner: Jorge Rivera
Outcome: Second Round KO
Why: These two fighters have yet to change their tactics in any of their fights for their entire careers, so don’t expect anything less than these two vets to stand toe to toe until someone gets knocked out. I see Rivera as the superior boxer, using footwork and speed to pop and drop the Frankenstein like fighter in Quarry.

 Rivera at +225 is a gift basket for anyone in what is a supremely even fight. Take that and run with it .

 LW Ross Pearson (10-3) -250 VS LW Dennis Siver (15-6) +190

Winner: Dennis Siver
Outcome: 3 Round Split Decision
Why: Look for Pearson to continuously press the action for the entire fight, leading with a heavy right hand. He’ll bully Siver for the majority of the fight, but in the process his legs will be chopped down and he’ll sustain heavy damage from counter strikes. This will be a three round kickboxing fight with Siver winning the fight with a late third round knock down of Pearson, caused only by a higher sense of technicality.

 Siver is almost a 2 to 1 bet, so he’s an easy one for me to throw money at but don’t be afraid to stick with the favorite in this fight.

LW Andre Winner (10-3-1) -210 VS LW Rafaello Oliveira (10-2) +170

Winner: Andre Winner
Outcome: First Round KO
Why:  Andre Winner is just a way to superior athlete for his opponent, as much as Oliveira will try to get this t that mat, he will fail and end up eating and uppercut silencing his night mid way through the first. Look for Winner to be the winner of the KO of the night award, barely edging out Gomi.

 Only way to bet on this fight is for Winner, he is a pretty significant favorite, but could make a decent payout with him individually or in a parlay.

 LW Jacob Volkmann (9-2) +185 VS LW Ronys Torres (18-2) -225

Winner: Ronys Torres
Outcome: First Round Submission Guillotine Choke
Why:  Volkmann’s toughness is the only thing that will make this fight interesting. Torres is crazy good with his submissions, and he is scared to throw his haymakers. Look for him to launch his monster hooks after being a little flustered missing his first sub attempt. He will catch Volkmann forcing him to shoot for a takedown only to be caught in a swift guillotine.

 This is another scenario where the favorite is a heavy one , but all in all Torres is the safe bet here.

 LW Rob Emerson (11-3) +140 VS LW Nik Lentz (11-7) -170

Winner:  Rob Emerson
Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision
Why: This could either be a fight of the night, or the long drawn out yawn match up. Lentz is going to try and take the fight to the mat constantly. If he does then he will win and we will lose. I don’t quite see that happening, Emerson will stuff the majority of the takedowns, and as he does this he will win a decision with his better stand up skills.

This is another even fight but Emerson being the slight underdog has to be the front runner for the money. Lentz is a safe bet too.

LW Gleison Tibau (20-6) -300 VS LW Caol Uno (25-12-5) +240

Winner: Gleison Tibau
Outcome:  First Round TKO
Why: Tibau is one of the biggest LW in the UFC. Look for him to land on top of Uno probably during the first takedown attempt, and with that the fight will be over as he pounds out the old Japanese star for a nice referee stoppage early in the first.

Tibau is the heavy favorite a safe bet. Stay away from Uno his age and one sided fight style is a problem for him in this fight.

 #9 MW Yushin Okami (23-5) -650 VS MW Lucio Linhares (13-5) +450

Winner: Yushin Okami
Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision
Why:  OKAMI will come back to form controlling all areas of this fight and displaying why he is a top ten fighter at the middleweight class. He will own the ground game, the takedowns, and the stand up. Look for a very lopsided dominating win for Okami.

 I don’t like betting on any of these very lopsided fights, risk is not worth the payout.  Only throw this in as parlay being it’s a near certain win.

MW Gerald Harris (14-2) -140 VS MW Mario Miranda (11-0) +110

Winner: Gerald Harris
Outcome:  First Round KO
Why: Harris is a superior athlete with a great sense of power. Miranda is a prospect with a very well rounded game. If this wasn’t his debut I would give him this fight, but because it’s his debut I am putting to affect the jitters one is used to receiving entering the big show for your first time. Look for him to hesitate with a kick and eating a heavy hook that puts him to sleep in the first.

Either fighter is a safe bet have at it guys.

MW Charlie Brenneman (11-1) +180 VS MW Jason High (9-2)-220

Winner: Jason High
Outcome:  3 Round Unanimous Decision
Why: Jason High is too much wrestler for this new comer. Although his hands are a little weak for the octagon, watch High win his debut with three rounds of lay and pray action.

 I’d stay away from these fights period.


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UFC 111 Predictions (Update)

WW Jon Fitch (22-5) -450 VS WW Ben Saunders (8-1-2) +300

Winner: Jon Fitch

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: If you read my previous point you will understand that i think decent wrestling and experience could beat Sauders, So I am confident in knowing Fitch Is too much for him to handle

Fitch only In Parlay formats.

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UFC 111 Predictions

UFC 111 in Newark, New Jersey on March 27, 2010 looks to be a very tough card. This card is full of even fights, match-ups that can sway either way on a score card, or can be finished on either side by other KO or Sub. This event has two title fights the co-main event match-up for the Interim Heavyweight Championship, and the main event for the Welterweight Championship. UFC 111 is thought to challenge strong PPV events such as UFC 94 and UFC 71, it has nearly matched these events with ticket sales. There was also a huge main card fight between Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch, but the bout has been postponed, Alves was forced to withdraw due to an ailment in his brain. We all hope that he is able to regain his health. I hope to see him fight soon.

#1 WW Champion Georges St. Pierre (19-2) -650 VS # 6 WW Challenger Dan Hardy (23-6)(1NC) +450

Winner: Georges St. Pierre

Outcome: 5 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: With superior wrestling and what we believe is a superb ground game GSP could easily win his way to a lay and pray decision. On the feet Hardy can give GSP a lot of trouble. With amazing footwork, decent speed, and heavy hands the stand up could sway slightly in Hardy’s favor. We all know GSP is easily the most well rounded fighter in the game, but his lack of superiority and his damaged mindset could be dangerous for him in this fight. Hardy is also larger than GSP which is something we all are not used to, but putting all this aside the takedowns are too proven to sway the fight any other way but in a successful title defense.

Don’t be shocked if this crazy underdog Hardy, a +450, shocks the world and lands an upset in my books.  I would say he is a safe bet, +450 is ridiculously generous for this supremely underrated fighter who has 10 wins since 2007 and is undefeated in the UFC.

#6 HW Frank Mir (13-4) -160 VS Shane Carwin (11-0) +130

Winner: Frank Mir

Outcome: Third Round TKO Stoppage

Why: I am going to regret this pick I can just feel it. The experience in the big show alone will be the determining factor alone in this fight though. What is this, the fourth, fifth, sixth time he has fought for an interim or defended or fought somehow for the heavyweight title. I don’t know I just think his more than twelve minutes in the UFC should win him this fight. I am not a fan of Mir but his heart, intelligence, and athleticism will win him this fight as I see him landing in the mount position late in the third and pounding out a victory. I’m not 100 percent counting out Carwin though, I mean with his size and wrestling for all we know this could possibly be another Lesnar beating in the cage. Again I don’t think Carwin’s opponents thus far have been that tough I think this fight is his first real challenge.

Again this is not a really safe bet for anyone to bet on this being there the odds have the fight near even, id stay away from this fight, but wouldn’t be scared to add it to a parlay or round robin.

WW Jake Ellenberger (22-5) +120 VS WW Ben Saunders (8-1-2) -150

Winner: Jake Ellenberger

Outcome: 3 Round Split Decision

Why: This is my first upset pick. Saunders is definitely a problem for any fighter with his ridiculous reach and his amazing height. He has very good muai thai and his jiu jitsu is not that bad. Ellenberger is all around a decent fighter, has decent stand up, good takedowns, and is a constant menace. I witnessed him almost beat out Condit on the score cards; I see this fight being the same way. Except I see Ellenberger on the winning side of the judges minds this time because in my mind Saunders muai thai and sub game is nowhere near Condit’s.

This again is near the same odds as the fight mentioned above.  This bout is a little more awarding to bet on the underdog, but again not tempting enough to put cash on, include this in your parlay for either fighter to win.

LW Jim Miller (16-2) -500 VS LW Mark Bocek (8-2) +325

Winner: Jim Miller

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why: Bocek is on the climb in his last fight he looked really improved. It looked like he had worked a lot on his hands . That won’t be enough as he gets completely destroyed by Jim Miller. Miller who is one of the UFC’s best up and comers is on his way to becoming a star and a potential title contender. No way he is derailed in this fight.

A 500 favorite is never worth betting on, too much money needed to bet to earn anything, Miller is a must include fight in a parlay etc.  

LW Kurt Pellegrino (14-4) -250 VS LW Fabricio Camoes (10-4-1) +190

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino

Outcome: 3 Round Unanimous Decision

Why:  This is a tough fight for anybody trying to make themselves known in the UFC. Pellegrino is a roughneck fighter who isn’t scared to pressure his opponents. Although he likes to roll around and pound out his opponents, which is a bad idea since it is Camoes domain. I feel that he’ll still be able to do so only because he has such the advantage on the feet.

Only way to bet on this fight is for Pellegrino, he is a pretty significant favorite, but could make a decent payout with him individually or in a parlay. 

WW Nate Diaz (11-5) -300 VS WW Rory Markham (16-5) +240

Winner: Nate Diaz

Outcome: First Round Submission Triangle Choke

Why: Some may say that this is a tough fight into the welterweight division for Diaz, but this is definitely a walk through fight for him. Markham is tough don’t get the wrong impression, but Diaz is just too much for him to handle. Look to Diaz to easily exchange on the feet with Markham, don’t be surprised to see them as fight of the night with both of them throwing ferociously. Expect each to get tagged with big shots, with Markham finally getting hit one too many times, and shooting in for a takedown. Diaz will easily allow him in his guard, and just as easily he’ll throw up and submit him late into the first with a triangle.

Put money on Diaz in any way shape or form if you have money to do so.

WW Ricardo Almeida (11-3)-160 VS WW Matt Brown (11-7) +130

Winner:  Ricardo Almeida

Outcome: Second Round Submission Armbar

Why: Matt Brown has very much proven himself thus far in the WW division. Here is his introduction to the upper tier of fighters, and it’s a difficult one for this extremely one-sided fighter. Almeida will survive an early onslaught by Brown; don’t even be alarmed if Almeida gets dropped in the first. Look later in the fight for Almeida to tie up pull guard and snap an arm.

This is another even fight its probably more safe to bet a little money on Brown at this point, but the only way id bet on this fight is if it was included in my parlay. 

LHW Jared Hamman (11-2) EVEN VS LHW Rodney Wallace (9-1) -130

Winner: Rodney Wallace

Outcome:  First Round Knockout

Why: Neither of these fighters are very impressive in my book. Wallace is a big guy with tons of power and look for him to stun and stop Hamman, after Hamman gets back up from a stuffed takedown.

Money on Wallace -130 is very generous for a pretty one sided fight. 

MW Tomas Drwal (17-2-1) +185 VS MW Rousimar Palhares (10-2) -225

Winner: Rousimar Palhares

Outcome:  Third Round Submission Armbar

Why:  I know right off the bat you may think a third round submission is a long shot, let me explain.  Palhares is going to get beat up in this fight, Drwal is a gorilla like fighter who will put a beating on Palhares for the majority of this fight. In the midst of all this beating Drwal will get overzealous and get caught in a nasty lightning quick submission.

Drwal is a safe bet at this point +185 in a near even fight sounds pretty enticing. Throw minor cash his way you could be awarded in return. Include Rousimar in a parlay, since your parlay will most likely include heavy favorites along with him. 

LW Greg Soto (7-0) +190 VS LW Matt Riddle (3-1)-250

Winner: Matt Riddle

Outcome:  First Round TKO

Why: This is a fill in fight battle for Soto, who stepped up to fight for Ricardo Funch.  Soto is an undefeated tough guy who is getting his chance in the big show. I mean this could be a gift from god for anybody looking to shine. A win versus Riddle is more than achievable, this being Riddle is a developing not so experienced fighter himself. The thing is that Riddle seems to be a determined fighter not so athletic but very tough and good willed. Look for these guys to start the night off with fireworks, with one of them going to sleep. Unfortunately it will be the new comer Soto.

Stay away from this fight in all formats these odds are too deceiving .

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