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My two cents on LeBron

In the wake of LeBron James' exit from the playoffs and the beginning of the Summer of LeBron, here are my two cents about the whole thing:

I Keep hearing players say that the most important thing to them is winning. Even if that means going somewhere else to have a better shot.

Sure, but shouldn't the goal of great players be to win where you are? Isn't that what makes great players great? 

Whatever happened to that?

Great players make wherever they are the best team it possibly can be. I see it as a lack of character when players run to the best situation to try to win after they fail to win somewhere. Then it really becomes about the player and not the team and the only thing that "wins" is the individual.

Soon, we'll all be LeBron or Kevin Garnett fans, instead of Cavs or Timberwolves fans.

In other news, LeBron will still be the top overall player selected in Fantasy hoops drafts this fall -- possible lack of character and all.
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Posted on: November 8, 2008 11:19 am

Tracking player eligibility

In leagues that allow for multiple positions, five players have picked up the necessary five games to gain a new position heading into Fantasy Week 3 (Nov. 10-16):

Andre Iguodala, 76ers, F --- Gained Guard, Shooting Guard
Drew Gooden, Bulls, F --- Gained Center
Mickael Pietrus, Magic, F --- Gained Guard, Shooting guard
Jermaine O'Neal, Raptors, F --- Gained Center
Udonis Haslem, Heat, F --- Gained Center

Players near new position:

Stephen Jackson, Warriors, F  --- Guard, Shooting guard --- Needs one start
Marcus Camby, Clippers, C --- Forward, Power forward --- Needs three starts
Nicolas Batum, Trail Blazers, G --- Forward, Small forward --- Needs three starts

Fantasy owners can track a player's starts under 'Situational Stats' on player pages.
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Posted on: October 10, 2008 11:01 am

Starting lineup change in Portland

There is going to have to be a change made to the projected starting lineup in Portland after small forward Martell  Webster was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his that could keep him out until mid-December if not longer.

So the Blazers need a new starter at the three. Who will it be? The team has a couple of options:

Move Travis Outlaw into the starting lineup:
This is the natural, and perhaps the easiest, choice. Outlaw was the primary small forward last year anyway, even though he came off the bench. He was the team's sixth man and provided the team with much-needed scoring off the bench. The void off the bench could be filled by new addition Rudy Fernandez in theory. This move may still not salvage all of Outlaw's Fantasy value from a year ago, though. Off the bench with the second unit, he was the top dog on the pecking order. On the floor with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden, maybe not so much.

Move Rudy Fernandez into the starting lineup:
This would be a lot more complicated. Fernandez could move into the lineup at either the point or the two. He's a natural shooting guard, but so is one of the team's franchise players in Brandon Roy. Roy, however, can easily play the three in a type of LeBron James, point-forward role. Fernandez is a player with good upside, a plug-and-play type with a lot of experience in Spain, but he's still an unknown commodity in the NBA. It may be easier for the starters to "carry" him on the floor while he gets situated if the team feels that Outlaw is a better proven scorer off the bench. Once more, it may actually be more beneficial for his value if he comes off the bench.


Don't forget to tune up your skills in a mock draft of your own
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Posted on: October 9, 2008 11:15 am

Talking to Al Horford

Got a chance to talk to Al  Horford and he's very excited about his team's chances this season. He's also not too worried about his team's depth, an area of concern among must NBA pundits.

He thinks Maurice Evans was a big addition, and that Flip Murray gives the team a veteran presence off the bench. Interestingly enough, he did not mention Acie Law. He mentioned Randolph Morris, he did not mention Law. It may not be that big a deal, but Law continues to fall further and further away from the promise he showed coming into the league.

Horford thinks Mike Bibby gives the team added respectability and a lot quicker pace on offense. He also loves his team's chemistry, comparing it to that of his championship teams at the University of Florida. As far as his individual progression, he said he's getting comfortable playing alongside even the bigger names around the league.

I'll say. He had 13 points and 9 rebounds with four blocks the other night opposite Dwight Howard and he had 10 and 6 last night in limited action during a preaseason tilt at Phoenix playing against Shaquille O'Neal. Horford is one of the better young talents in the NBA, he has a good head on his shoulders and he's an above-average Fantasy big man. Things are looking up for himself and his team this year.

Couple him up with a Dwight Howard or Al Jefferson, and you've got your center position locked in for a big year.


Don't forget to keep mock drafting
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Posted on: October 4, 2008 11:49 am

When to take a risk

Did another mock hoops draft this morning and noticed another trend. It appears that injured Fantasy studs like Monta Ellis, Gilbert Arenas and Manu Ginobili are "worth the risk" starting somewhere around Round 8.

By that time, most Fantasy owners in standard leagues that start four guards, four forwards and two centers are likely to have their starting lineups set, minus two players. My advice would be to have locked up two centers by then, with three forwards and three guards. There have been plenty of guards that are more than capable of filling in for the first month or so of the season past Round 8.

Rudy Fernandez, one of our favorite sleepers this year, Jameer Nelson, Rafer Alston, Chris Duhon are just a couple of examples. Jamaal Tinsley may climb up the ranks quickly now that he's headed to Denver, but he could also be available.

As far as which guard to take a risk on, here's how I see their level of risk going into the season:

Monta Ellis - Moped Monta, I believe, should be the first one back on the floor this season. There is the possibility that he could face disciplinary action from his team for lying about his injury, but that seems unlikely at this point considering none has been handed down yet. He's dealing with a high ankle sprain and a torn deltoid ligament, but is on pace to return in early December.

Manu Ginobili - Ginobili is expected to miss "at least" mid-December. That puts him out until around the same time as Ellis, but his injury was already aggravated by returning early to play in the Olympics and the Spurs could give him all the extra time he needs to ensure his recovery. Plus, when he returns he's prone to missing games from time to time anyway because of his aggressive style of play.

Gilbert Arenas -
This one scares us the most. For the third time in under two years, Arenas is rehabbing from knee surgery on the same left knee. He had a lost season a year ago and looked like he returned too early late in the season for the playoffs. Now, his injury will have him out until December or January. Would anybody be surprised if he misses the entire season? And who knows how good he'll be when he returns. It took Dwyane Wade well over a year to return to full strength after a similar surgery.


Look to see where you can take a chance on these guys in a mock draft of your own.
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Posted on: October 3, 2008 2:34 pm
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Point guard carousel about to spin?

There are rumblings from around the country that the point guard carousel is about to get going. Teams have been standing back, waiting for the shoe to drop in New York to see what the Knicks will do with Stephon Marbury.

But with little movement coming out of the Big Apple, teams have to get going to have some kind of chemistry built up during the preseason. So what we are hearing right now is that:

Shaun Livingston could sign with Miami - Marbury had been a real strong possibility to come to South Beach, and it could still happen, after all Livingston is not ready to be an everyday starting point guard coming off that devastating knee injury of his. So far, the candidate to start is Marcus Banks with Chris Quinn and rookie Mario Chalmers in the mix. This will be a situation to watch in the preseason, but unless the team brings in a proven guy like Marbury, expect Dwyane Wade to do most of the ball handling, making the starter a low-end Fantasy option.

Jamaal Tinsley could be traded to Denver -
We're hearing that it could be a done deal, but both teams are denying it. This could affect several players. If the team considers Tinsley ready to start right away, and we figure they will, that would push Allen Iverson back to the shooting guard role and -- once again -- push J.R. Smith out of the starting lineup. His sleeper value would take a big hit.

Neither move is confirmed and one has been denied, but expect these things to be settled real soon. Both situations will have an impact on what happens with Marbury and could actually force something to happening on that front real soon.
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Posted on: September 18, 2008 11:06 am

Adjusting temperature on The Hibachi

Just got done tweaking projections and the Fantasy outlook for The Hibachi. We decided to cut him down to 58 games, but that could change the closer we get to the season once we get a better idea of how his knee responds to the surgery. We wouldn't be totally surprised to see him miss the entire first half of the season, but that's purely conjecture at this point.

We're having an in-house Fantasy hoops mock draft this afternoon. We should get those results posted on the site today or tomorrow. It will be interesting to see where Arenas goes and also what the person who selects him does to provide depth to his guard position. One thing is for sure, Arenas will miss at least the first 20 games or so of the regular season.

So keep an eye out for our mock draft and get in one of your own to see how to deal with Arenas. We'll probably have to take him out of our "Bust" piece now, though, huh?
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Posted on: September 16, 2008 4:17 pm

Keeping an eye on Oden

The biggest item on a slow news day on the Fantasy hoops front concerns Blazers "rookie" Greg Oden.

He's been working out over the last month with a trainer and strength and conditioning coach and has dropped about 15 pounds to get down to 285. He's expected to be ready to go for the start of training camp just a year after undergoing microfracture surgery on his knee.

We've been seeing him go later in mock drafts than we expected, sometimes as late as round eight or nine, but the hype machine should boost him up once the preseason comes around and people remember the No. 1 overall pick from a year ago is still in the NBA.

There are two areas of concern with Oden, though. For one thing, he's a rookie. And we all know how erratic rookie players can be in Fantasy, even the good ones. Also, he's coming off a major knee surgery.

Microfracture knee surgery is becoming the NBA's equivalent of Tommy John surgery in baseball and what we've seen in the past is that it takes a player a full season to get back to the player they were before the injury (i.e. Amare Stoudemire, Zach Randolph, Kenyon Martin).

So with those two strikes playing against him, Oden should be considered too risky to take a chance on as your No. 1 Fantasy center.
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